How is La Grotta jewellery so affordable? - Understand our accessible pricing

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In the traditional jewellery industry it’s standard for products to be sold at 10x their true cost. Fine jewellery is often notoriously expensive and frequently inaccessible. This doesn’t have to be the case. At La Grotta, we want to bring you the most affordable prices we can, because fine jewellery is a luxury everybody deserves. Read on to discover how we do it.

Working directly with our suppliers

Transparency is one of our core values, which is why we are always open and honest about where our materials come from. Our founder Alexandra sources everything herself. She has visited our pearl farms in China and helped them cultivate pearls by hand. She has recruited every jeweller who hand-assembles our pieces and she knows all the dealers in South Korea and The Philippines from whom our solid gold is sourced from. Without any middle men, we have much smaller running costs than big name jewellery brands, so we don’t need to make such big margins.

Keeping our team small

All of our jewellery pieces are designed in-house by our Alexandra, and all orders are packaged by her and her assistant, who also helps run our social media accounts. We use no large advertising campaigns and rely on word of mouth and our reputation which proceeds us. We keep our operational costs low so we can keep the price of our jewellery accessible for you.

Selling straight to you

Brands that sell via e-commerce platforms or in retail stores pay a fee to be exposed to more customers, and so they will often increase their prices to cover those costs. At La Grotta, the only way to buy our jewellery is through our own website. This means we can keep all of our profits and offer you a much more competitive price.

Limiting our maximum markup

Supply and demand plays a key factor in fine jewellery being so expensive. Solid gold does not tarnish and is a great investment as it increases in value over time, so it is highly sought after. Bigger brands often take advantage of this, charging as much as they can get away with. La Grotta does not do this. Our founder Alexandra feels very strongly about the fact that fine jewellery should be a luxury we all can afford if we so chose. Having jewellery you can wear everyday without worrying about it getting damaged or tarnished is priceless. This is why our maximum markup is 3x.


So that’s how we can afford to bring you our fine jewellery pieces at such a competitive price. There is no compromise on quality and to prove it we offer a complimentary two-year guarantee of every single design. That means you can have your piece of La Grotta jewellery repaired or replaced free of charge for up to two years. Accessible jewellery doesn’t have to be average.

It’s time to start building your forever collection today.


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