Repair & Warranty

Every piece of La Grotta Jewellery is covered by a 2-year warranty on receipt of a valid proof of purchase. This warranty applies to all of our products. Within 2-years, if your jewellery needs repair we will provide you with a full repair service free of charge.

To return your jewellery to us for assessment, please use our online returns process.

After 2-years (or if no proof of purchase can be provided), we can still help - we will offer repairs for a small fee. Please contact us for more information.

Repair & Warranty FAQs

How Do I Make A Claim On My Warranty?

Please email us with your order number and a picture of your jewellery with a description of the damage. You can also use our online returns process to directly ship the item back to us.

I received my jewellery as a gift

If you did not make the purchase yourself and received this as a gift, please provide us with the name or email of the person whom purchased it so we can verify your order.

I cannot find my proof of purchase can you help?

We accept many types of proof of purchase but if you can't find yours don't worry, we may be able to help locate your receipt if you're able to provide your full name and email address.

What Can I Do If My Jewellery Is Outside of the 2-Year Warranty?

If your piece is outside our 2-year warranty don't worry, we can still service your piece with our Lifetime Repair Service, by applying a small charge.


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